The tech media has recently been on fire with articles about NFTs and the increased press attention prompted me to take a closer look at this new type of cryptocurrency. What I originally thought was just another iteration of Bitcoin turned out to be something far more interesting, and I came away with some insightful reflections about the current state of our society and culture. I decided to share my thoughts on the matter here. I hope you enjoy!

What’s a NFT?

A NFT (non-fungible token) is a way to apply blockchain technology to a digital creative good. Let me unpack this definition…

Friday Five

Many of my top choices are underrated

A burrito from Taqueria Guadalajara. Photo: Dennis via Twitter

What makes a good burrito?

I’ve spent many sleepless nights pondering this question. You see, I live in the Mission district of San Francisco — home to one of the greatest late-night drunk foods ever. Wait — scratch that — one of the most iconic meals ever, period. I’m not talking about the cheap Chipotle imitation or flaccid cylinder of grease at Taco Bell. I’m talking about the often imitated, but never truly duplicated, San Francisco Mission burrito.

To the uninitiated, let me first explain what makes a Mission burrito a Mission burrito. Traditional burritos have three basic ingredients: meat…

(A re-post of the original review I wrote in 2017)

Release Date: June 30th, 2017
Run Time: 36:11
Overall Score: 3.5/5
Standout tracks: Bam, Marcy Me, Caught Their Eyes, Moonlight

Hip-hop’s eponymous G.O.A.T. returns once again[1] to deliver another solid product for his 13th studio album. After the spectacular flop that was Magna Carta Holy Grail (MCHG), you can sense that Jay wasn’t finished releasing music. How could he have ended his canon with an album like that? Disparaged by critics as a substance-less ode to hedonism and success, MCHG seemed to be pandering to the capricious zeitgeist of mainstream…

Since the quarantine lockdowns went into effect earlier this summer, I’ve had too much time on my hands to dwell on the slow-motion trainwreck that is 2020. This year has seen mass civil unrest, record levels of unemployment, the collapse of entire segments of the economy, and a global pandemic. We are truly living in exceptional times.

A few weeks ago — during one of my late-night catastrophizing sessions — I happened to come across a piece written by Emma Rose Bienvenu that ventured some predictions about what a post-Coronavirus future might look like. With the outcome of the most…

On your 20s

Everyone says your 20s are supposed to be the glory years when you are not yet burdened by the heaviest responsibilities of adulthood, but given a level of freedom and financial independence that was never afforded to you in college. They are supposed to be a time of exploration, carefree fun, risk, and enjoyment — the hedonistic decade before you buckle down in your 30s. What people don’t tell you is that your 20s are also a time of great anxiety, uncertainty, and trepidation. Over these years, I spent much of my “peak 20s” wracked by indecision and insecurity. …

On the Tech Scene & Working at Startups

I moved to SF/ Silicon Valley in the summer of 2016 — a time that felt like the zenith of the second-wave, post-08-recession tech boom. The stock prices for Facebook, Google, and Amazon had hit all time highs, and it seemed like a new startup raised a multimillion dollar funding round each week. Uber and Lyft were the hottest companies to work for: their billboard advertisements loomed high above highway 101 as you drove up from SFO into the city. Tech was the “morally just” industry and could do no wrong. Finance & Banking? Please, so passé — they bankrupted…

The bright California sun was beating down as I carried my heavy suitcase up the steps of the quaint Bartlett Street house. I was excited. I had just touched down in San Francisco, immediately flying out the day after my graduation. I originally had no intention of moving to the west coast (it was NYC or bust), but here I was — optimistic, open minded, and ready to start a new chapter in my life…

It’s been three and a half years since arriving in San Francisco, and I am sad to announce that I am finally leaving. These years…

Matt Whang

Student of Culture. Ex-Stripe. Georgetown Hoya. Toronto Native.

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